Monday, September 21, 2009

Third week in - Sept

I've just finished responding to e-mails and reading more news and eating dinner. As I get to the kitchen I find the place dirty and I realize, suite-mates are like puppies, you have to train them. And in that same spirit, partners (male or female according to your likes) have to be trained too.

I guess I never thought of the similarities between these two groups but once I did their "training" made sense. I mean you see individuals in both groups almost daily, you talk to them almost daily as well, you laugh with them, maybe cry with them and even get mad at them because they forgot/dirtied/or responded in a bad way. The only thing not shared between the groups is sex and well... I've heard some stories back in my undergrad years of hanky-spanky going on between suite-mates and even between suite-mates and lovers. Anyway!

The point is, why can't people behave? This past week exactly I was asking my significant other to call me, again, at least once a day or every other day or find a way to communicate that would let me know he is alive. At my dorm, I have set up a quick erase mini-board where I place messages asking suite-mates questions about the place and try to communicate effectively.

My boy is used to eating out and whenever he eats in dislikes to wash his dishes, while the people I leave with seem to be incapable of cleaning the sink or microwave after they use it. At least they don't leave their dirty dishes behind but I think ti's because they're afraid of getting them stolen.

So, as I draw more comparisons I can't help but A)laugh a little and B)accept that here, like at home, I'm gonna have to train more puppies.

Yesterday I had my first try at Tim Hortons while shopping for the external hard drive we must absolutely buy if we're Digital student at Columbia. Truth be told I also bought some dresses but for credibility reasons let's just say I only focused on getting my gadget. So, Tim Hortons.

It was good but it didn't blow my mind. I guess I was expecting a moose to hand me my coffee or something because as I drank it I though, "That's it?" In Tim Hortons defense, though, I had a blended iced cappuccino and I am used to the iced Starbucks or independent coffee shop thing. Therefore I will be back for more, I will have no prejudgement and I will order a warm beverage. I have to say though I feel like I really have to try it because a Canadian classmate swears by it and, well, she's nice so I'd like to believe it!

Other than that the Society of Professional Journalists(ssss)-Columbia Chapter (aka: SPJ-I want to make a TV show out of this title so badly) held elections this week and I did not win president. Bummer but blessing in disguise. I'm already worried about the master's project and finding a "subject" for my mini-documentary and trying to become a better writer so that Professor Perlman will give me the thumbs up one day that I'm almost glad I don't have to ad another activity to my to-do's. I'll still be involved with SPJ though, and as a free constituent I will demand anything I want! Jeje, I still win.

Additionally, Mexico went through some crazy events this week with a gunman shooting at a metro station. Patrick Swayze passed. Afghanistan is getting reassessed. The UN held a leaders meeting today in NY and Sam Yoon is hoping to win the nomination to run for Mayor vs. Menino. A news worthy week for sure. This week is already panning out to be eventful.