Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Collective Gift

Hello peeps! 

It's 7:30pm in Boston as I type this. Perhaps you recall that this July I reached 700 followers (still psyches me out!). Well, you have grown into a beautiful 900 and I have slowly but surely gathered wonderful goodies for the Collective Gift I wanted to give one of you. 

What is a Collective Gift? Well, here is my original post about it, but essentially a gift that we, as a twitmunnity, create and give to one of ours. This year has been very significant for me because it was filled with a lot of changes and you, my dear peeps, made many of those changes bearable with your humorous, inspiring, informative, caring and never-stopping tweets. 


So, finally, the gifts have been gathered and assembled together and tomorrow- the first day of 2014- one of you lovely followers will be the receiver of our Collective Gift :) I wish I could give each of you something but if there's a way I can be of help to you, in person or through our digital world, just send me a tweet!

Happiest of new year's to you, your loved ones, and 1,000 years of happiness to all of us (more on that here

Good luck! If you wonder what you may be getting, here's a list of what was collected:

  • Books! Yay, learn to build a website or read about the digital age, always keep reading.
  • Oral hygiene supplies per my dentist! My "slogan" is, "love, dance, sing, floss, travel" after all
  • Travel mementos!
  • Essie nail polish! You know for your lady friend.
  • The awesome Ricola box! It sings, for real.
  • Beauty masks! Make yourself pretty
  • Assorted candies! Some of my faves.
  • A mini-Mexican hat! Because, whey not?
  • an emergency light and whistle! For emergencies only.
  • Deeeelicious Oloves treats! They're my favorite healthy snack.
  • Blowfish samples! Get rid of your NYE hangover. 
  • Sunglasses! Again, because why not?
Stay tuned for tomorrow and int he meantime enjoy these pics!