Monday, June 2, 2014

Selfies Research

My latest for #ywdBoston, featuring Huspot's Dan Zarrella and his awesome research on what makes a good selfie:

HubSpotter and social media scientist Dan Zarrella reviewed over 160,000 Instagram images tagged under #Selfie to learn which were most successful — and give us a template for selfie success. As Dan explained, his initial motivator really was the dance song #SELFIE. He told us:

“I had started quoting it around friends and I wanted to have a definitive answer for the Valencia vs X-Pro II question. But beyond that, selfies are clearly an important behavior, not invented by social media, but catalyzed by it and I strive to understand as many types of interactions with communications technology as possible. With selfies you can really start to get into the heart of the ‘mainstream’ user, something that can be a challenge for social-media-dorks like myself.”

I reckon it’s a challenge for any person or brand trying to establish an organic connection with the general public... read more and see the infographic.