Thursday, October 15, 2015

Love Notes

Today is one of those days. 
I miss you a lot, the thought of you. 

In my head I think I've made you into a greater being, but then I think my imagination is perhaps not too far from the truth.

I miss your Hugo Boss t-shirt, the one I liked to sleep in, it was so "you" because it was a normal shirt, a normal man; but soft and structured, high end, well-crafted, loyal. A good t-shirt, a good man. 

I miss your mouth. I miss that mouth constantly. Your mouth and your explosive kisses. When I look at other mouths, new mouths, they don’t help me to forget yours whatsoever. That mouth ignited those hands that grabbed with the right pressure. 

I miss your freshly washed hair, brushed back, and how your cheekbones seemed to pop out even more with that spy-dandy hairdo. 

Most, I miss is that heart that was so passionate, yet calm. 

I miss you a lot today. It's just one of those days.

(Originally written in 2012)